Sunday, March 17, 2013

Mongolian Milk Tea - Сүүтэй цай

Suutei tsai is Mongolian traditional beverage. The name “suutei tsai” means milk tea in Mongolian. The ingredients to milk tea are typically water, milk, green tea and salt. This tea is special by its salty taste. The Mongolians use milk tea with millet (as a cereal) and dumpling (as a light meal).

Milk is an indispensable part of the Mongolian’s daily life. It contains variety of vitamins and nutritions. Mongolians prefer to use fresh milk rather than factory packaged milk. Because of its thick consistence and rich taste. Also, milk is a crucial ingredient of the Mongolian traditional snacks such as airag (fermented mare’s milk), orom (the cream that forms on top of boiled milk), and aaruul (dried curd).

Milk tea has vary tastes depending on the province area. Some people prefer to drink with a bit more salt and others prefer to drink it with less salt. The Mongolians usually prepare milk tea early in the morning, and pour it into thermos to keep it warm throughout the day.

Mongolians are well known for their hospitality. When milk tea served, the guest should accept it with his both hands to follow the tradition as well as to show respect. Milk tea can be served with any meals and snacks.

Now, let’s make milk tea:


· 2 cups water

· 2 cups milk (water and milk should be the same amount)

· 1 tbsp green tea or 1 tea bag

· A pinch of salt (optional)

Pour 2 cups of water into a saucepan then add a green tea and salt. Let it boil.

Instead of stirring, the Mongolians will lift out some liquid with a ladle and let it splash back from a certain height.

This tea is served in little cup or a mug. It is the standard beverage to every meal.

Now you are ready to enjoy your cup of Mongolian milk tea. Have a great day :) 


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